How do you layout a landing page?

How do you layout a landing page?

The goal with a great landing page is to keep it simple. The more options you give to a lead the more chances there are for them to take unwanted steps. A good landing page will typically have minimalistic design with a clear call to action. The design should be attractive and instill confidence in the lead when they happen upon your landing page. Keep the content and the design relevant to the services and or product that you are offering.

A call to action is a next step that the lead should take after they land on the landing page. This can consist of a call, email, calendar schedule and form. The most common call to action is a form that gets emailed to your inbox. The color contrast is something that should be chosen wisely to make that call to action button pop out. Choose a large font to make it easy for leads to grasp what your landing page is all about. Also, make sure that the page load speed time is kept to a minimum. Keep in mind that most people searching are doing so through a mobile device. Make sure that it is mobile optimized.

A landing pages ultimate layout should consist of enough information to build curiosity but not enough to give the lead without having them take that next step. There is a fine balance that your landing page must walk. We strongly recommend having the form as that main call to action to attract leads to take the next step. Your landing page is oftentimes the first interaction that clients will have with the firm. Make sure that it is clean, simple and cuts right to the point. For help building the highest converting lead gen page give us a shout!

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