Commonly asked landing page and website questions

What should a landing page have?

There are a few critical pieces to a landing. Take a look courtesy of our friends from Hubspot on what a landing page needs to have, “A headline and (optional) sub-headline
A brief description of the what is being offered
At least one supporting image or short video
(Optional) supporting proof elements such as testimonials, customer logos, or security badges
Most importantly, a form on the landing page itself to capture information. If for some reason you can’t include a form on the landing page, use a large call-to-action (CTA) button to direct visitors to the next step.”

How many landing pages should a website have?

This is a commonly asked question. Studies have shown that “business websites with 10-15 landing pages tend to increase conversions by 55% over business websites with less than 10 landing pages. And those with more than 40 landing pages increase conversions by over 500%.” According to Wishpond.

Are landing pages bad for SEO?

Aside from optimizing for user action, Landing Pages can make it easier to track actions that visitors take and make neccessary updates based off of that marketing data. The real aim of a Landing Page is to optimize the user experience of a lead they visit your site for the first time with a compelling offer – sometimes an e-book, coupon code or a cut the line offer. This in itself is a good reason to apply them in SEO

Do you need a landing page for Google ads?

You do not need a landing page for google ads. But if you are taking your marketing seriously you need to implement a landing page for leads to land on after clicking on your ad. Think about it, after spending thousands of dollars on a google ad campaign if you lead visitors to a vague website page that is not concise leads will convert at a much lower rate. The answer is you do not need one but should have one.

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