Do I need a website for a landing page?

No, you don’t need a website for a landing page. Let’s dive a bit deeper into an explanation.

I believe this question just requires clarification of what landing pages really are.  A landing page can be a stand-alone page that does not have to be associated with a standard website.  Because of this, you do not need a website to own a landing page.  And there is software available to help you easily create and host landing pages.

You can even use a landing page to create a basic website.  This could be a temporary solution while you build a full website or if it meets your needs, it could be your permanent solution.  If you are searching for a quick and simple solution to build a website, give us a shout via our home page.

Landing pages, however, are a different tool than web pages of a site.

They are not for general use, and do not look like the other web pages, though they can be at the same domain.

Landing pages are built to drive traffic from a specific marketing campaign.

The intent is to focus the visitor solely on the intent of the page, such as the sign-up process.

No distractions.  No other options.  Simply to inform and get user to take the single action noted. This is a great question and one we hear all the time. The site and the landing pages are two completely separate entities in the web design world.

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