How do I create a custom landing page?

Landing pages are one-page marketing websites that are crucial to the success of a marketing campaign. Think of them like the first interaction most will have with your business—except you can directly sell your product or service, or get your potential customer to sign up to your email list. Most landing pages will have people convert to a form but it can also be a call or email.

You can create different landing pages for each of your products or offerings or use different landing pages to target different kinds of customers. For example you can have a landing page for your coats and another for the pants that you would sell.

A great landing page is the first step to a strong online presence.

Creating custom landing pages takes time and experience. To create one,

  1. Choose a template OR start from a blank page – this can be from wordpress, Weebly or Wix
  2. Adjust your mobile landing page layout – most people now a days are searching via phone + making sure that landing pages are mobile optimized for your searchers looking to make a purchase

A landing page does one thing well: focuses visitors’ attention on whatever you’re promoting, with a single call to action that gets people to take the next step with minimal other options/distractions. Landing pages support your marketing campaigns and allow you to capture leads and present targeted messages to a specific audience. See here for more on websites

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