Is landing page the same as homepage?

Landing page and “homepage” are not the same thing. Though many visitors to your website are bound to first land on your homepage, in the marketer’s lexicon, the two terms are not synonymous. It is key to understand that leads from marketing ads land on your landing page and not your homepage.

“Landing page” and “homepage” do not mean the same thing.

These two pages have very different objectives.

The are a few key areas that sets them apart –

  • The main goal of a homepage is to inspire the visitor and give them a great intro into your brand and what your brand offers
  • The main goal of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads that take the next step through your call to action

It helps to think of a landing page as a “response page.” While a homepage can be deemed successful in a number of ways, and perhaps, also, in varying degrees, the landing page gets a simple pass or fail grade. It passes by achieving a conversion and fails otherwise.

Landing pages are not complicated

The key to landing page success is simplicity. The less going on the better any clutter on the page and you risk distracting visitors, which is bound to lower conversion rates.

Landing pages, therefore, should be simple to create. The suggestions that follow should help. Where it makes sense, I’ll point out how each tip might differ for a homepage.

1. (No) navigation

Let’s begin with what not to put on your landing page: website navigation. You do not want visitors to leave and hop to other pages it should be very focused on what they are looking for. If the ad is for tree removal then the landing page should represent their specific wants and needs.

Make sure that the offer of the ad matches that of the landing page.

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