What are the 7 elements of interior design?

What are the 7 elements of interior design?

Interior design is a creative endeavor that works off of 7 elements. These elements are similar to rules and guide the interior designers. The interior design elements include space, line, forms, light, color, texture and pattern. The goal is to keep them balanced and create an aesthetically pleasing interior space. Space is sometimes constrained by the room but it is key to understand the spacial elements to fully utilize and design the room.

Lines form the basis of structural design and can form harmony, unity and contrast. Horizontal, vertical and dynamic lines can help to shape a room and guide the eye. Forms refer to the form of anything in the room that is three dimensional.

Light creates a natural source of energy and allows for everything else in the room to be visualized. Without light, all of the other elements would not be able to shine to their full potential.

Color is another extremely important element that interior designers
must master to become experts in the field. Color creates a mood, defines unity and can make the space feel larger or smaller then it really is.

One of the most overlooked elements is texture. Remember the last time you sat the on the velvet church pews? That creates a specific feeling and has the ability to bring a unique dimension to the room. Texture can give the space a feeling of depth. Paired with color, pattern has a similar use to texture in that it can increase the aesthetics of the room.

The landing page comes into play by allowing your unique interior design skills to effect more customers. Lead gen pages allow you to convert leads at a higher rate. We are here to help with any and all needs.

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One page interior design website

One page interior design website

Websites are the bread and butter of the companies online presence. People will take a look at the website and determine whether they would like to purchase those home care and interior design services or not. Although most business may think that there business is purely referral and word of mouth however, in 2019 business is generated through online methods.

Online digital marketing mainly through google ads and facebook ads are done through pay per click methods. Each click of an ad will bring a potential client to your website. The most efficient and effective way to convert the lead into a client is through a landing page. Landing pages with high end content, design and secure hosting have the highest chance of bringing in a higher percentage of visitors.

What is a landing page and how does it work?

What is a landing page and how does it work?

A landing page is an online page that has an end goal of converting visitors into clients or leads. The main difference between a website and a landing page is that they
typically have a form that allows you to capture a visitor’s information. The other main difference lies in that its sole goal is to convert visitors into leads whereas a home page has more than one goal. At the end of the day an interior design landing page or one page furniture website will have a form on it and doesn’t include much else.

What is a landing page in website?

A landing page is the specific page where a visitor arrives on after clicking on an ad (i.e. google advertisement). A big mistake with marketing especially in the interior design space is leading traffic to a homepage. This leads to leads having a great chance of not converting because there is more to get lost in with other pages on the website. The main goal of the landing page is to provide a quality experience for visitors and driving conversions with a specific message that is tailored to each visitors need.

See here for what makes the best landing page.

Why do you need a landing page?

Once you take a deep dive into the world of online digital marketing you may come across a new term, landing pages. A landing page is a great way to drive traffic as well as improve upon your SEO, on top of building your brand. However, the main goal is to create an effective pay per click (PPC) campaign. When ads are directed to home pages it allows the visitor other options than converting as a lead on your site. The home page has extraneous information that allows visitors to explore other pages and info that is not pertinent. Landing pages lead customers to a specific service with in the interior design, home improvement and furniture industries.

A basic rule of thumb, make sure you have landing pages for all of your marketing ads , especially your PPC campaigns. Fortunately for you landing pages are not hard to build and are easy to maintain. We are here to help with content, hosting and design. Contact us now!

interior design landing pages inspiration and content

Interior Design Landing Pages Inspiration

Landing page design inspiration is huge for making sure you get the right clients to your site. Whether it be a google or facebook ad marketing strategy our team of designers are here to help! We build custom landing pages with content that are affordable for every business. One page websites with content are the key to the proper funnel to get customers to the ultimately purchasing your service. We build WordPress designed pages that are mobile optimized! We also do content and host these pages too.

The design on landing pages are key to their ultimate success. They must have clear call to actions that could include forms, call or email buttons. Examples of work with in the industry are hugely important in building confidence to perspective clients.

The design is also a crucial aspect of a landing page. A modern look and feel is crucial to get buy in. Our designers have experience doing thousands of sites and can custom build to your specifications. We are the design agency to fill your smaller needs to large quantities!